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  • and the Mid-Autumn Festival like

    on neighborhood strolls and ▓makes friends easily. It was the pig's certain charm that sealed the sa▓le. "I found him looking like a lovely baby at my first glance

," said Li, patting the pig's now-huge b▓elly. "Oh, my boy, you are

t the Jing people use in cooking, an

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destined to meet me." Told that raising a pig when she was in her 50s could bring good fortune, Li cherished the pig so much she named him Laifu (or "fortune comes"). "Indeed, he brings me good bus▓iness and a peaceful

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d a cake prepared with

soul," said Li, who▓ is a merchant. As a jade collector, Li knows that pigs symbolize fortune, and hence why so many Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 220) ro▓yal families were buried with jade pigs in their cof▓fins. "Laifu come

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glut▓inous rice mixed with sesame is a gre

s not by accident," Li said, explaining that a fold of skin on his head resembling yuan bao, or ancient money, appeared four months after his a▓rrival, to the delight of Li, who saw it as a good sign. A battle between two

.There used

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taboos, suc

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    April 20, 2013

    pping over a fishing net p

    Inner Mongolia-based dairy giants - Yili and Mengniu - over the past decade has be▓come even more intense as they fight to ▓recover from last year's tainted

    laced on the beach
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    April 20, 2013

    , sitting on a new raft

    milk ▓scandal.The two brands were caught up in▓ the melamine morass that brought damaging global attention and plummeting sales to China's daily industry. A

    before it was laun
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    April 20, 2013

    ched, and stepping on th

    s they fight their way back, it appears Yili has scored a coup as the official dairy group for next year's Shanghai Expo.In late May, Inner Mongolia Yili In

    e stove. But many
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    April 20, 2013

    old habits that hampered

    dustrial Group (Yili), China's second largest dairy producer by sales in 2008, announced that it has been appointed by the Shanghai World Ex▓po Business Co

    the growth of pro
n n▓ever
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